1 CORINTHIANS 7:2 – But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.

As the world today moves to accept the homosexual  life style it is important that we as Christians keep the word of God as the word is written and not rewrite God’s meaning.  I have seen extremists in the name of Christianity take hateful and harmful actions calling it “Religious Freedom”.  It is not in the name of Religious Freedom that we harm those who are different, it is in the name of Hate that those people operate.  It is written to be tolerant and accepting to the point of praying for change in their behavior not however, hating to the point of violence.  As more gay advocates try to bring that life style into the main stream of existence we are called by God to pray for them and not hate them.

Alan Shelmon writes- Simply put, it violates God’s design for male and female sexuality. Men were designed to function sexually with women, a fact that is obviously consistent with human anatomy.

Some gay advocates try to deny that homosexuality is a sin by noting that Jesus never said anything about it. But Jesus’ silence is irrelevant. Many behaviors Jesus was silent about are addressed and prohibited elsewhere in Scripture. But all the same, what the Bible doesn’t say about homosexuality may in some cases be just as important as what it does say. First, the Bible doesn’t say that homosexual behavior is the worst sin. Though it’s a serious offense to God, we shouldn’t heap special condemnation on homosexuals or feel compelled to make homosexuality the special focus of our witness to a world lost in sin.

Marriage is a union between one man and one woman with the expectations that they will have children.  Gay couples are just that – couples.  They are not able to fulfill the expectations of marriage by having children in the biblical sense.  There is a difference between coupling and marriage.  While we see battles ongoing today to accept Gay marriage, it can not be considered a marriage and we should oppose any public policy that promotes homosexuality in our society. We are called to love all sinners including gays. While homosexuality is a sin it is not the worst sin, and we should love all those who struggle with sin as it is not the person but the behavior that is a serious offense to God.

Karen J Ragland

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David and I met in June of 2010. I lived in Bristol Virginia and he lived in Louisiana. After meeting we discovered that we held many of the same values and to say we immediately fell in love is an understatement. We had several hurdles to overcome, but while getting to know each other we discovered that we shared many of the same dreams. Our love of God, and how we can minister his word, our love of family, and honor. It did not take much convincing for me to move to Louisiana where David lived. I took a leap of faith, left my job and moved April 16th of 2011. There were still several obstacles that we needed to deal with head on and resolve but a year later we were married on 4/13/12. We talked for a few years about setting up a Christian blog and/or website and so here we are, finding our way through how to get this started. I think we have done well so far and we are so ready to actively interact with everyone here. We hope we will get to know everyone – whether you believe as we do or not.

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