Age of the Earth

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A scholarly paper by
Arne Verster


By just looking at the Genesis narrative of creation’s meaning of day and light, it is clear that both old-earth creationists and young-earth creationists can present arguments of equal magnitude in an attempt to prove their belief. The old-earth creationists’ distant starlight argument to prove an old earth is a self refuting argument because when they challenge the young-earth creationists on the time/distance characteristics of light, they end creating the infamous horizon problem, thus refuting the widely accepted big bang model. As a result both parties have a problem. The old-earth creationists need light to travel farther in a lesser amount of time to compensate for the universe’s uniform temperature at vast distances, and the young-earth creationists need light to travel a farther distance in a lesser amount of time to fit in with the literal Genesis time scale. Although both problems are different, they share the same core: How do you get time to travel a farther distance than accepted it can travel in a given period of time? The answer lies in time dilation. The flow of time can be manipulated depending on the current conditions of the observer (speed and gravity). The conclusion is that by just looking at the concept of light, no definitive answer can be given regarding the age of the earth.

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