The Critter


One morning… in the Spirit… I saw a huge creature walking around on the earth. It was so oversized on the planet that it could actually walk over the tallest mountains with ease. It looked similar to a bobcat, but it wasn’t a bobcat. It was very muscular and full of power.

I asked God, “What is that Critter?”

Suddenly the vision zoomed in at a tremendous rate of speed and I saw myself holding on to the collar of this massive animal. I was riding it like a horse in a rodeo… mostly just holding on. The picture equates to me being the size of a flea and hanging on to something about the size of a blue whale, the largest creature on the planet. No one knows I’m there but me and God. The Critter is so massive that all I can see is fur.

Again I asked God, “What is this massive thing I’m riding on?”

God answered me, “That is the Mighty Word of God. It is the most powerful thing there is. When I speak a word to you, you need to ride that word to your destiny.”

So now I see that I need to hear the voice of God, either while I am reading the word of God or by hearing His Holy Spirit speaking to my spirit on the inside of me. When God speaks… that word… any word the Holy Spirit says needs to be quickly written in a journal so it is not lost.

Jeremiah 30:1-2 This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you. NIV

Then I’ll ride the Mighty Word of God to my destiny… not to the end of my life, but to the finish of what God sent the word for. That word may only be for that day. It may be for a season… but it is the Mighty Word of God and it will carry you where you want to go if you will ride on it… and it alone. Fear will come. Ride the word. Reasoning will come. Ride the word.

Later, maybe a month later, I saw another mini-vision and this huge creature was walking very slowly. I was sitting on top of that Critter screaming, “Heiy… Heiy… come on let’s go. Giddyup, move it, come on. What’s the holdup? Heiy.” And that Critter didn’t move one bit faster… just kept the same pace… and no matter how quickly or how slowly that Critter (the word of God) seems to move… as long as I am riding it… I’m right on Gods schedule.

The Critter kept slowly and repeatedly looking side to side and mastering with his eyes whatever it was he was looking for.

I asked God again, “What is he looking for God.”

“He is always watching to see that the Word of God is active and does not return to Me void.”

We must believe what the Holy Spirit says. Immediately satan comes to steal that word, to make us doubt that word… and a spirit of fear comes with at least a hundred reasoning’s of why we cannot do what the Holy Spirit says to do. Our BLESSING and victory is bound up in what God spoke to us and our obedience to His word. The word of God is not what God said… it is what God is saying. Now faith is…

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