The Lantern


Job 29:3 When His lamp shone above and upon my head and by His light I walked through darkness; AMP

Suppose you were lost and in absolute pitch total darkness for a season. No matter which way you looked… it is darkness. With no direction… you just sit there praying and waiting on God. You have no idea what to do in your situation and your complete focus is on the darkness that has surrounded you.

And then… while in your despair… you see a lantern swinging back and forth a ways off from you… like someone trying to signal a train in the night from a long way up the track. That lantern is the light and the only light to help you out of your situation. That lantern brings hope and excitement into your life immediately when you see it. Without it you are lost. It is your only hope.

That light brings a now perspective that changes everything about your situation. That light gives you direction when you had none. That lantern sparked a reason inside of you to get up and do something about your situation. That swinging lantern in the darkness becomes a guide to get you out of your dilemma and put you over your situation instead of under your situation.

Whatever situations you are in right now… whatever you are going through and don’t see a way out… the swinging lantern you are looking for is in the reading of the word of God… the Bible. There is always a way out.

As you read the Bible… you will come across verses that light up your soul. You will know that God put them there just for you… and the Holy Spirit will bring them alive to you. Only those words will give you a new perspective… new insight and new direction and understanding. The word of God is not what God said… but rather what God is saying.

That lantern… that light that you’re looking for that is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your pathway is always available to you. Every answer you will ever need in this life is actually in the Bible.

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