Demons of Lust


Job 31:1 I made a covenant with my eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman. NIV

This is for women of purity.

The more flesh you show to the world the more attractive you are to demonic forces of lust. The spirit of lust… demonic influences are sickly green creatures that look only at what parts of you they wish they could have. The man may look just fine on the outside… but his mind and the spirit behind him are only looking past what you are already revealing.

If you are wearing low cut… the demon spirit takes the mind of a person with that spirit of lust to an imagination that is uncontrollable. The shorter the dress… the shorter that kind of imagination makes the dress.

I had a dream of a spirit of lust in operation. A male coach of a women’s college basketball team would go every night to make sure “his” girls were in their rooms by 10 p.m. The male coach wanted to at least see their faces… so he could identify them. It was all done in bad taste. The college should have had enough sense to have a woman making that check in a girl’s dormitory in the first place.

Again… in the dream… when the door was cracked open in the dorms… his mind went throughout the room in the form of a demon. It was imagination… but the demon was real. The demon would come out protruding from his body like a slime green cartoon character with a very long neck and drool falling out of his mouth. The head would go through that crack into the room with the women trying to get a good look at them to see whatever it could see. Even though the man never entered the room… he got his mind very active… but never satisfied.

When a man gives himself long enough to that demonic influence and keeps entertaining that demon of lust… he will be one of those men at the “gentleman’s club” on the freeway where there are no gentlemen. Or he may just entertain himself with magazines at home. It is called pornography.

Anytime a woman decides that she wants to show off a little bit… she’s doing it to her own destruction because she is attracting something that she would never want in a man. If you really want a man… believe me… you will find one.

The less flesh you show to the world… attracts the purity and grace inside of the man… and he wants to know you first… and has no desire to mishandle your body.

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