Intense Fear–No–Thou Shalt Not Fear


James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Have you ever noticed that the devil will keep pestering you enough the point that he will eventually give himself away. You know it’s the devil. One of the most clearly understood spiritual awakenings I’ve had in my Christian walk came at about 2 o’clock in the morning in November of 1993.

I woke up… and there was such a tremendous fear about me for no apparent reason at all. My sinuses were plugged and the medication I would normally take for allergies was outside in the work truck …down the sidewalk and out in the parking lot. I just lay there. The fear was more intense than any attack of fear I had ever known.

I don’t recall being afraid of anything in particular. None of the feelings of fear made any sense whatsoever… the feelings were just there. It was just pure fear, and I was scared. I literally pulled the covers over my head as I shook in fear.

 After about 20 minutes of lying there, afraid to get out of bed, the thought hit me that fear was not from God… and fear is a spirit.

God has not given us the spirit of fear. I quickly sat up on the side of the bed and said, “I rebuke you spirit of fear in Jesus name.”

Instantly that spirit of fear was gone. Instantly! There was no sense of fear anywhere in the room or anywhere near me. I got out of bed and put my clothes on and walked down the sidewalk out to the parking lot and got my medicine. Yes, I had to rebuke the spirit of fear while walking down the sidewalk… he was still trying to convince me that someone was going to jump me and hurt me at my own condominium complex.

The spirit of fear does everything it can to train you and control you with fear. Whatever fears you have are a restraint in your life from what you’re looking to accomplish in life. That is especially true with anything that has to do with the things of God.

Anytime the Holy Spirit gives you an unction to follow… the spirit of fear immediately says you can’t do that or the spirit of fear will try to  stop you from following that unction. Fear always comes… because that is fears function… to stop you with feelings of fear or terror. Fear attempts to demand that you walk in disobedience to God.

Fear showed up immediately in Genesis after Adam and Eve chose to follow the devils lies in the garden. The Bible says they were afraid. They were led by fear to run and hide from God… and God wants the exact opposite reaction from us. God wants fellowship with His children.

Most Christians never get past the spirit of fear. If you ever get past that fear… I dare to say you will see the miracles of God. God did not intend for us to be slowed down or controlled by fear. It is a spirit being… and that spirit is standing between you and where God is leading you. That spirit has no power… except what we succumb too.




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