God Talks Shirt Colors


Habakkuk 2:1a; I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me

My life is based on a true story…

Rarely does it seem that the Lord cares about the color of my shirt. But there was about a week and a half a few years ago that the Lord seemed to show me a different color shirt to wear to work every morning. At first it seemed a little strange, but it seemed important to Him that I wear a blue shirt one day. So I took that shirt off the rack and put it on and went to work. I never did notice any particular reason for blue. Then the next day I went to my closet… listening… and He impressed a green colored shirt.

Does this happen to me every morning? No, it rarely happens. Do I look for this as a morning ritual to find out what color clothes God may want me to wear?

No… but that first morning there was an unction on the inside for something… so I searched my spirit to see what might be important to Him. Is a particularly colored shirt important to the big important God of the Bible? It did seem to be important sometimes… but only when He says so… not when I say so.

Sometimes I think the Lord is just trying to get me to listen to his voice… or to be sensitive to His unction… to be in tune with His Spirit. But it did seem important to Him; so when I walked up to the closet during that short season, I actually paid more attention to what He might show me on the inside or what He might say to me in my spirit… because it seemed important to God.

I would stand at the closet door and wait and see what God would say to me. Isn’t that what Habakkuk said, that he would stand there and wait and see what the Lord would say to him. Why should it be any different with us? You might say that Habakkuk was a prophet or that this was just a shirt. It’s not about that… it’s about listening and doing.

So I would follow the unction and then I would take another shirt. Did I ever think I knew what I was doing? I had no earthly idea if I was doing anything right or wrong… but it didn’t seem to be hurting me or anyone else. All I knew is… by faith I was doing what He was leading.

A week and a half went by and I didn’t understand what was going on except that I was following the Lord… or doing my very best to follow Him. After that amount of time I walked in the office one morning and one of the girls said to a co-worker, “There it is again… this is crazy!”

She was smiling… but she was more bewildered than happy. I looked around to see what they were talking about and then she point blank asked me, “How do you do that?”

“What are you talking about,” I answered?

She said, “How do you know what color shirt I’m wearing every day? For the last week you have worn the same color shirt that I wear every single day and it’s driving me nuts. It is almost like you’re watching me get dressed. It’s really creepy.”

Isn’t that amazing? I was stunned at what was happening. All the while I thought the Lord was teaching me to hear His voice… at least by faith I thought that. But at the same time He was playing a game with one of the girls at the office to somehow get her attention.

I didn’t know how to explain it… so I didn’t try. I just laughed. Don’t underestimate the God that you work for. And always be listening for something that is just a little bit different inside of your spirit. Sometimes I just check on the inside and change a little thing in my life in an attempt to please the Lord.

Listening to the Lord… hearing the Lord… and doing what He says all come through experience and relationship. The most important thing is that we want to please God. How can we please God unless we know what He wants?

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