Turkey Legs


Galatians 6:10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. NIV

Hallelujah Harvest was coming up for our church. This is a time set for October 31 when most people celebrate Halloween. Our church gives away huge volumes of candy to children while they participate in fun games. The children dress up as angels and Bible characters instead of devils and goblins and we give them more candy than they could ever get on the street. Vicky and I usually volunteer to help with a booth, but that wouldn’t be possible this year while we were occupied spending time with our mothers in their eighties.

So I prayed to see what God might desire me to do. We are here to do the will of the Father… isn’t that correct? A thought picture came to mind of a young woman by the name of Kelsea at our church who has a two year old daughter. I saw us walking around at the event… and the Lord prompted me to pay for whatever they wanted.

My wife, Mrs. Vicky, told me that I had better let Kelsea know ahead of time what my intentions were… so I would not be disappointed later. I sometimes have a tendency to wait until the last minute and then things don’t work out. So I sent her a message:

Kelsea… are you going to be able to go to Hallelujah Harvest and take Aurora? I’m checking to see if I could tag along… I would like to pay for everything that night and just allow ya’ll to have a good time… and that includes your mother too.  I AM A FINANCIER OF DREAMS.

She wrote back to me and actually surprised me with her answer:

Hey! That would be so wonderful if you came to Hallelujah Harvest with Aurora. 🙂 Unfortunately I won’t be there the whole time. I am going to be working over at the youth during Tour of Hell. Aurora will be with my mom and her father and my aunt & uncle and their children. You are most welcome to join us. I appreciate you so much and thank you so much for being a part of our lives. You are a blessing.

Then I began to ask God… what are You getting me into Lord. It sounds like everybody is going to be there. How am I supposed to do all this? My main thoughts were about all those people I didn’t know and who didn’t know me… and trying to hear all those people in the dark when I usually read lips. I wear hearing aids.

I finally came to a conclusion and told God, “I know You know exactly what You are doing. I refuse to get in fear about my hearing. I will go as You asked and believe for You to take care of me as You always do.”

Due to circumstances beyond my control I arrived at the festival about twenty minutes late. I walked through the people looking for two year old Aurora and her grandma, and who knows how many other family members. As I walked across one parking lot the grandma saw me and waved me down… and it was just her and Aurora… and Aurora was already getting tired and fussy. They had already gone to some of the booths and had more than enough candy and Aurora was rubbing her eyes… it was time for this two year old to go home.

I was disappointed. At that moment I felt as though I had failed miserably with my promise to help. You see… I hate false promises. If you are a dad and you make false promises, then stop it… it hurts too much.

As we started for the car, I asked if I might carry Aurora for a while and give her grandma a break… grandma quickly said yes and the little girl spontaneously opened her arms for me to take her. That was a major blessing for me that can’t even be described.

As we were passing the food tents I asked grandma if she was hungry. She admitted that she was, so I asked if she would want a turkey leg. She said that she would appreciate one for Kelsea… because Kelsea really liked them. So I asked if she would like one too.

She answered, “That would be great.”  I bought one for grandma, one for me, one for Vicky and two for Kelsea and then we proceeded to the car.

At the car grandma shared that Kelsea had asked her sometime back if they might be able to get turkey legs this year at Hallelujah Harvest. I told her to tell Kelsea that she can have anything she wanted in life… all she has to do is ask God for it.

I didn’t realize until I was halfway home that I had done exactly what God wanted me to do… buy those turkey legs… so He could fill the desire of that young woman and so she would know how much He cares.


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