David’s Journal – Porpoises Everywhere


July 5, 2014

I asked the Lord this morning… what are Your thoughts about me?

The Lord gave me the word anticipation. Anticipation means pleasurable expectation… and I had just invited Him into my day.

It amazes me that He’s waiting on me every morning… to see what I’m going to do today.

I can either pray and find out what His plans are, or I can do what I want to do. It was Saturday and I was off and I asked Him what His plans were for me.

Instantly he gave me understanding to take Vicky and both of our moms… get some Sonic drinks and drive out to the end of the Texas City Dike. Three or four hours later after Vicky and I had breakfast I told Vicky that the day was already half over and she interrupted me.

“Why don’t we go get some drinks and drive out to the end of the Dike? We can call your mother and see if she wants to ride with us.”

“Vicky, that’s exactly what we are supposed to do today. The Lord showed me that this morning.”

What a confirmation. You wouldn’t believe how God made the trip so special with porpoises all along the five mile stretch of the Dike. They were so close to shore and our mothers really enjoyed the show. And it was such a peaceful afternoon. God is so good… and He made our day so special.

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