FB_IMG_1425050259533Do You believe in signs? The 2nd day AJ was in the hospital, the doctors were saying “it doesn’t look good”. That day, A dear friend Monsignor Dave Cassato comes to the hospital to see AJ. After a short while, he says “I will be coming back tomorrow- tomorrow is the 13th, AJ is bed 13 and it is our Lady of Fatima, so we will pray for a Miracle”. Just then a doctor said “Monsignor, before you go, can we say a prayer?” Monsignor asked what prayer do you have in mind- the doctor said “The prayer of St. Anthony.” After the doctor recited a very long prayer from memory, Msgr. commented that the feast day of St. Anthony is June 13. That’s 3-13’s. Well from that day on 13 became my sons big number. It will turn up in many places and many times. Since AJ’s passing, I prayed and prayed and prayed for a sign. I had received many, but was refusing to believe them because I didn’t want to think everything was a sign – it just doesn’t happen that way. A dear friend of mine told me I was rejecting many beautiful signs and I should reconsider them. And so I started to look back at the signs. Then last year, a few weeks before Easter, I received a beautiful sign that was so hard to explain without showing and telling, that I made a video. It was after this sign and looking back at the others I started to believe the signs I was getting were real.
Since that day I have noticed the signs as they come, and they always come in three’s; what I mean by that is if I get three things in one day that all seem to connect in an odd but beautiful way, I consider it a sign. THREE seems to justify it- we all look for a second or third opinion, and 3 strikes’s your out always seems fair- In this case, 3 strikes you’re In :-). The signs are so powerful, that no one can ever tell me again there is no God. No one can take words out of the Bible and tell me I’m wrong. There are people who are good Christians who spend more time justifying why their faith is the right faith and lose track of the real goal of turning people towards God. I never go there; I concentrate on the finish line. I have not yet gotten any sign that explains to me why I lost my son so soon, but the signs I have received have given me great comfort in knowing that my son is in heaven with God, and once again shows me we just don’t understand His ways. But one thing is for sure – God is great, God is love, God is beautiful- Three things said about God, and three ways he exists to us as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I have inserted the link to the video of which I spoke of earlier. Please go to it and see God at work for me… and you 🙂

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