Some people have all the luck!

Doesn’t it seem that at times there are some people that get all the breaks?
While they are climbing the ladder to success and happiness, we sometimes seem to get stuck on the first rung.
Did it ever occur to us that those who succeed are those who are accepting of life’s problems? I have learned, and it is good to know that no life is free of troubles and that much of what happens to us is unavoidable
And we cannot always be in control. This doesn’t mean that we should spend our lives “putting up” with things, But I am having trouble accepting the idea that life is something to be endured. I once read that learning to cope is a skill for life, not a way of life, and to be fully loving
and understanding is it’s most perfect complement. It Should not be but has been for me a good lesson learned the hard way.

Over and over in life, God challenges us to abandon our doubts and fears and cast our nets into the deep waters of the spiritual life. It is never convenient; it is almost always difficult; and it is sometimes quite painful. But if we heed the Lord’s direction, we will always bring in a huge catch. Its all where we choose to give our attention. Jesus focused his attention on doing the will of the Father. I invite you to spend time in prayer today.  As you meditate on Christ’s passion and death, ask him to help you focus on doing God’s will. Ask Jesus to show you what God is calling you to do at this time. And ask him for the courage to follow God’s will as he did. Impossible? Not in light of what we are celebrating this weekend – The Triumph over death and sin!

Happy Easter and God Bless You. XO    image014 21-51-55-205

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