Working With Pastor Catherine Chapter 4


Isaiah 7:9b If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all.

When I was born I had a seventy five percent hearing loss. Most of the doctors that my mother took me to until the age of six said there was nothing wrong with my hearing. Mom knew better because I didn’t respond as well as my older brother or my younger sister. At six a doctor asked my mother how I ever learned to talk. “He can’t hear a thing… he’s almost deaf.”

While I was working with the teenagers, I woke one morning and was totally deaf in my right ear… what I considered my good ear. I naturally tried to fix the hearing aid until I found out that it wasn’t broke. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. All my life I had been 75% deaf and now half of that was not working. I continued to shake those hands and welcome our guests at the youth building. Did I feel like it? I really didn’t feel like anything anymore.

As I said before, the music in the youth building is extremely loud. When the praise and worship began, I left my post to go in and worship with the teens. That was normal once the music began. Nothing else that night was normal. I eased my way up to the speakers that night. Two feet away from a very large speaker, I plugged my left ear with the index finger of my left hand and leaned on the speaker with my right ear. The base was causing my entire being to shake but I could not hear a thing. I eased away from the speaker slowly and faded out of the crowd of teens worshipping God. At the back of the building I knelt down at a pool table and tears went everywhere. All my life I’ve wanted to hear… and now this. I began to pray with the tears soaking into the long sleeves of my shirt where my face rested.

“God……. I want you to know that I thank You for allowing me to hear most of my life… even if it was only 25% of what everyone else hears. Many can’t hear at all… so I thank You. It is not your will for me to be deaf or become deaf, so I don’t intend to do that or accept that as my fate. You have to know one thing God… that I will serve You… no matter what.

After what seemed like many days, Vicky leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I was waking up one morning. She was already up and dressed to go somewhere. I heard a crackle when she kissed me. I didn’t hear noise… just a crackle in my ear. It had been two weeks without a sound. I got so excited that I almost hollered at her, “I heard that.”

Yes, we were both mighty excited. It still took another two weeks before I got my whole 25% back… but I got it. God is good to me… and my full expectation is to receive the rest.



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