Signs are everywhere if you have eyes to see and ears to hear

50 Days of Easter, so HAPPY EASTER.

There’s a place filled with Love and Peace, and no pain or worries or doubts or fears. A place where flowers bloom forever, and the wind is sweet and gentle. This place is  Heaven, and it became even more beautiful in October 2013.

This story is a sign I received last August. I lost my AJ in October, so with Christmas so close I prayed for miracle. My faith was at an all time low but struggling to make heads or tails out of God and my belief. So I prayed to God for a miracle, keeping in mind St. Rita who is my home church patroness, and St. Terese who both had something in common: St Rita had a rose grow in her garden in the middle of winter when she requested it (and the sisters of her convent thought she was ‘crazy’) and lo and behold one was there. St Terese is known  as the little flower and said “I will shower you with roses from Heaven”. So I have a rose garden in front of my house that has been growing for 6 years. When that first Christmas came I prayed very hard for Rose’s but needless to say I did not get one. I was okay, after thinking, “who am I to get a miracle like that anyway?” So I forgot about it and the year went on. Now unfortunately I only get roses in May and they die out by the first week of June-this is because the city trees grow all their leaves in May and my roses no longer get sun. So when it was the end of May and my roses grew I was very happy that at least they grew on my father’s birthday (May 26) and also the anniversary of his passing (June 4).


And as usual they died off and by the second week of June I had no more roses. On August 5, AJ’s birthday, I was going to the cemetery, when I looked up at my rosebushes, I saw one rose growing. I couldn’t believe it, and the following morning after I let it stay on the vine, I cut it and placed it by AJ’s picture.


The next day another rose grew and I paid it no mind but thought how unusual. So a week later someone on Facebook saw the picture of the rose and said I should press it in a book. “good idea” I thought, so I went to get it and when I looked I remembered that I just gotten rid of it the day before. I was so sad, then remembered a second one grew… as if just for me 🙂
That one went into my sons memorabilia box once it wilted. 🙂


Nu 14:11 – And the LORD said to Moses: How long will this people spurn me? How long will they not trust me, despite all the signs I have performed among them?

#4AJ Forever in My Heart

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