Too Late

Where are my children? Where is my wife? Why did I wake up alone? The silence is eerie, my heart is racing
Where has everyone gone?

The news is airing, I watch in shock
My body trembles in fear
I realize that it’s not just my family
Millions have disappeared

With dread, I begin to remember
The urgent pleas of my wife
She warned me that this day would come
Prayed that I’d give my life to Christ

I thought that she was crazy
No way this could be true
I laughed and scoffed at all her prayers
I was wrong, I realize that she knew

As desperate tears roll down my face
I fell to my knees to pray
Begging the God I’d so long rejected
To listen to what I say

I begged Him to forgive me
And wash my sins away
Forgive me for waiting, to give one last chance
To join Him in Heaven someday.


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