You Were There

” You Were There ”
By: Laura Painter
A Tribos Contributor

A little girl playing alone with her dolls
No friends with whom she could shareLaura poem 3
She seldom felt sad and lonely
Already, she knew You were there

She grew into a teenager; so sad & insecure
An eating disorder filled the void
There seemed to be no cure

Discouraged , sick and broken
She called out to God in prayer

The sickness and the pain had ceased
She knew that You were there

Broken homes, broken hearts; unimaginable grief
Pain so deep, a spirit broken to the point of no relief

She dropped to her knees & through her tears, reached out to Christ in prayer
As peace and joy replaced her pain
She whispered ” You were always there”

You were there, Lord, through it all
The tears, the pain, the despair
Never again will I feel afraid
For I know that always, You are there.

By : Laura Painter

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