Guide Me, Lord

“Guide Me, Lord”
By: Laura Painter
A Tribos Contributor

Lord, I come to You in prayer
I know You’re here beside me
I feel so lost, so weak, so scaredpraying hands
I ask You please to guide me.

My heart is heavy, my flesh is weak
Overwhelming pain and fear
So often feeling I’ve lost my way
Forgetting that You’re always near
Help me Lord to feel the peace
That You alone can give me
I’m sorry for my lack of faith
And ask that You forgive me.

Please guide me in Your ways dear Lord
As I come to you in prayer
Help me when I lose my faith
Remind me that You’re there.

I love You, Lord with all my heart
Your lift me when I’m weak
I promise You my heart and faith
Your will is all I seek.

By: Laura Painter

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