It is God’s way…


August 17, 2015

You are My son (daughter). I desire to do My work through you. Through the spirit of seeing and knowing I show you My plan… My steps to success. You are a magnificent tool, a fine instrument in My hand… you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Without the perfectly precise formed instrument… the surgeon cannot do his work. The instrument has to be prepared for the purpose it was designed to complete… and its only obedience is to the Masters hand. Its every molecule and atom is designed to conform to the hand that holds it. Though this instrument has no experience and has no idea what needs to be done… there is One who guides it to be successful in every endeavor.

It does only what the Master guides it to do. By itself… the instrument can do nothing. In the hand of the Master… the instrument is capable to do all that the Master can do… without any effort on the instruments part other than complete yielding to His guidance… complete obedience.

It is My work… done in you and through you. I show you the plan and you don’t necessarily know how it will happen or how I will get you there. Just be obedient to Me. You live in peace… it’s My work, not yours. I do all the work… I get all the glory… and you are the instrument which I shaped to complete the task.

Trust Me to take you to the place and goal that you were created for. Have complete confidence in My ability to make you look good. And people will see the good manifested and say, “Look what the instrument has done… look what great things the instrument has done.” And you can reply, “There is One who found me… cleansed me… molded me and shaped me…. showed me beforehand what to do… and gave me everything I needed to complete the task… and his name is Jesus Christ.”

Everything you desire in life comes through obedience to Him. There is no other way. Jesus said, “I am the way.”



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