There is A God: How an Atheist Scientist Changed his Mind (God & Science Book 1)

There is a God

Let’s begin our comments on this work by complimenting Mr. Kinson (pseudonym) on his choice of titles. Few things take hold of the apologist’s or the skeptic’s attention more quickly than news of someone either gaining or losing their Christian faith. When this happens, it marks a profound change in one’s thinking and our curiosity is naturally aroused. The title promises to tell a story, not just present arguments. Yet does this book deliver on the implied promise? It most assuredly does and Mr. Kinson ought to be applauded for his honesty in giving us insight into how his mind and heart were changed because of the evidence, not in spite of it. The next remarkable item is Mr. Kinson’s academic credentials. Skeptics and anti-theists alike love to attack all types faith as being the result of abbreviated cognition and ignorance. Yet a research scientist with more than 100 publications in the hard-sciences, 10 inventions (with patents in various countries), and numerous scientific and technical awards in the course of their scientific career is certainly not a person one can easily discredit. The writing style of this book is impressive in that it adeptly provides interesting arguments and explanations without presenting difficulties for the modestly educated layman. Regarding arguments, one will find it comforting that Mr. Kinson had the humility to summon many conclusions and statements from other scientists. In doing so, he has demonstrated that Christian doctrine has convinced some of the greatest minds humanity has been blessed with. Chapter 11 is arguably incomplete in that it doesn’t answer the strawman arguments it lists. We should look forward to seeing Mr. Kinson’s answers to those in a future edition. This book deserves high praise for many reasons and deserves the attention of skeptics and Christian believers alike. To say that it’s informative and inspiring is an understatement. Great work, Mr. Kinson! [Buy this book!]

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