Dialogues With Atheists


In our survey of social media and websites, we find dialogues that are absolute gems.  Those who earnestly contend for the faith ought to recognized for their time and effort in reaching the lost.  This page is dedicated to that end.


Dialogue #1Interesting answer to the assertion that “all religions are stupid”
Dialogue #2 A transcript of a dialogue between Greg Koukl and Michael Shermer on the Hugh Hewitt Show
Dialogue #3 An Atheist Says There Is No Evidence For God
Dialogue #4Fun with “I lack belief in God”
Dialogue #5Is There Evidence For God? – William Lane Craig vs. Lawrence Krauss
Dialogue #6This is a transcript of the debate between William Lane Craig and A.C. Grayling held at the Oxford Union in 2005. The motion was “Belief in God Makes Sense in Light of Tsunamis”.
Dialogue #7 – Peter Berean’s response to an Evolutionary-Biologist (who believes in Universal Common Descent)
Dialogue #8From Peter Berean: Intelligent Design & Who created God –> My response to an atheist –>


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