Do Christians Hate Science?



Here is this Christian’s answer . . .

Why would we hate one the greatest gifts that God has ever given to mankind? He endowed us with innate curiosity and the cognitive ability to observe and measure. Using our God-given minds, we postulate logical conclusions from our observations and measurements. We then subject those postulations to even greater, more painstaking analysis.

science and faith

Anyone who can look another person in the eye and say that Christians don’t contribute greatly to the science of discovery is either: 1.) Unimaginably ignorant 2.) Dishonest 3.) A Christ-hating heckler

 Christian contributors to Science:  1.) Wiki List 2.) God and Science 3.) Science and Faith Associations

So, what separates us from the secularists in this regard?

As Christians, we assert that there is more to existence than the material world. Our belief, just like our intellect, is a gift from Almighty God and we’ve chosen not to suppress those immeasurable truths regarding Him. There is a material universe and there is a Cause and a purpose for all that is. We don’t hate science. We love it, we use it, and we worship the One who gave us this invaluable tool.

In Christ,
C. David Ragland, Jr.

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