Moral Outrage: Fine for me, but not for thee

Let’s open by harkening back to a lesson from bygone days.  Does anyone remember how the left’s concern with the slightest signs of sexual harassment seemed to evaporate when it threatened their hero, Bill Clinton?  What’s the lesson here?  We need only to open our eyes to see leftist hypocrisy as it regards moral outrage.  The moment the sexual harassment issue became inconvenient for them, it was time for everyone to shut up about it.

Now let’s talk moral outrage . . . 

The liberal Left seem to be perpetually outraged by pretty much everything.   Dear God, they are even outraged at the outrage of others.  What does that mean?  It means they seem to think that their outrage is special, to favored and featured above that of all other groups.  Their actions clearly belie the fact that they believe they have sole rights to cry foul in the public square.

They’ll rant and rave all the live long day about the fur trade, for example.  But God help the poor conservative Christian who dares to speak out about the need to protect women and girls from predators in restrooms. Yes, the Left has only the most loving concern for the safe space of boy who now wants to be a girl.  Yet no such space or safety is afforded to the Conservative Christian students who want pass out ‘anti-whatever’ flyers on campus.

Don’t we all have a right to engage?

As humans, we all have moral moorings. We all draw lines in the societal sand and make a stand against that which offends our sensibilities. As an example, do the folks involved with P.E.T.A. have a voice in our world? Damn right they do! Do they take matters too far? Some say they do.

Does it matter as it regards my larger, more salient point? No, it doesn’t. I’m personally glad that someone is keeping watch over what happens to our furry friends in this world (cf. Proverbs 12:10). I can give credit where it’s due. Does the left ever give us Conservatives credit for doing any good in the world? If so, show me.  I don’t see them giving credit.  I see them giving birth to great screaming bovines in reaction to the Religious Right’s audacity. How dare we object? What right do we have to say . . . hell . . . anything?

We all have ‘something’ we are horrified, offended, nonplused, or irritated by.  The more vociferous members of humanity speak up and out about their feelings and reactions to what they feel are societal ills.  Our tendencies toward such is simply a part of our ‘humanness’ and an activity we ought to engage in equally.  As it turns out, the liberal Left seems to think that some are more ‘equal’ than others.  How maddening this is!


In closing,  let’s consider a question. How are we Conservative Christians really any different from anyone else in the socio-cultural landscape? While we may have different values, there are things we share with all Americans. Do we not share rights to lawful public assembly, free speech, voting, etc? Yet look at what is happening on campuses all across this nation. The left comes out in droves to protest and silence conservative speakers. We even see instances of blockading speaking venues!

Finally, we can sum up our argument in one sentence. Don’t cry too loudly about the Christian Right’s moral objections because we all have them.

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