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Darwinism1.) Darwin’s critics 2.) Darwin’s bio 3.) Predation and savagery in nature 4.) On the Origin of Species

David, King of Israel1.) David’s census 2.) David’s treatment of the Amalekites 3.) David’s adultery and murder 4.) Who killed Goliath? and see Gleason L. Archer’s answer about Goliath on page 177 of Archer-Introduction to Bible Difficulties

Da Vinci Code, The – Dan Brown’s 2003 best-selling detective novel The Da Vinci Code and its blockbuster spinoff sparked an evangelical conversation about Gnosticism, or esoteric theology, a Christian heresy known for its revisionary approach to biblical history.(“Da Vinci Code, The.” ChristianityToday.com. Web. 3 Jan. 2015.) See the following (off site) articles on this topic here: 1.) Tektonics.org material 2.) Not InDavincible

Dawkins, Richard1.) Dawkins – Lane Debate 2.) The Closed Mind of Richard Dawkins 3.) The God Delusion (a critique)

Day of Atonement – The Day of Atonement (Leviticus 23:27-28), also known as Yom Kippur, was the most solemn holy day of all the Israelite feasts and festivals, occurring once a year on the tenth day of Tishri, the seventh month of the Hebrew calendar. On that day, the high priest was to perform elaborate rituals to atone for the sins of the people. [source link]

Divorce – This is a rather large topic, so jump to our resource page: [here]

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