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Earth, age – Can we scientifically prove the age of the Earth?  Does the Bible hold the answer to this question?  The age of the Earth has been a hotly debated topic for some time and it doesn’t appear that this will change anytime soon. Who has ‘possibly’ found the correct answer to the question? Could it be: Young Earth Creationists? Old Earth Creationists? Secular Scientists?


ON SITE: Using Light to Determine the Age of the Earth – Arne Verster

OFF SITE Resources: [Answers In Genesis] [Dating creation (Wiki)] [Scientific American] [Talk Origins Archive][Wikipedia]

Eternal Sonship – The issue of “subordination of the Son” refers to the question of whether the Son ever has any limitation in his exercise of authority and prerogatives in comparison to his Father’s absolute authority. Read more

Euthyphro’s Dilemma – Divine command theory is widely held to be refuted by an argument known as “the Euthyphro dilemma”. This argument is named after Plato’s Euthyphro dialogue, which contains the inspiration for the argument, though not, as is sometimes thought, the argument itself.  See: 1.) Stand to Reason  2.)  Theology Online 3.) Ensoltech 

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