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Faith, its rationality – How can faith be rational? Skeptics often object that belief in the Christian God, or any god at all, is a matter of having blind faith without any rational reason for one’s beliefs. But faith doesn’t have to be blind. God created us with thinking minds and he wants us to use them, and he gives us reason to believe in him. (“How Can Faith Be Rational?” Rational Christianity – Christian Apologetics. Accessed February 1, 2015)

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Fall of Man – The Fall is the traditional term referring to the first sin of Adam and Eve which brought judgment upon both nature and mankind. Genesis 3:1-24 gives the account of the Fall of humanity. Sin and death entered the world, and humanity has been affected by it ever since. This came about because Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s commandment not to eat of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil.” [source link] See also: 1.)How did the fall affect humanity? 2.) The Fall of Man in God’s Perfect Plan

Fine Tuning Argument See: cosmological argument

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