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Heaven – We all want to go there, but we don’t want to die! See: [Easton’s Bible Dictionary] [Holman Bible Dictionary] [Topical Bible] [Christian Answers Net] [Blue Letter Bible] [GotQuestions.org] See also: Bible Verses About Heaven

Hell – Generally speaking, Christians think of Hell as a place where condemned souls are permanently imprisoned and therein tormented continually, but is there more to the matter? See: [Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary] [Topical Bible] [Easton’s Bible Dictionary] [Levels of Hell] [GotQuestions.org] [Blue Letter Bible] [Is It Unjust of God to Send People to Hell?] [The Doctrine of Hell]

Homosexuality – (from Ancient Greek ὁμός, meaning “same”, and Latin sexus, meaning “sex”) is romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behavior between members of the same sex or gender.[1] [2] See: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? – Matt Slick See also: [Tektonics.org] [GotQuestions.org]

Husband – i.e., the “house-band,” connecting and keeping together the whole family. A man when betrothed was esteemed from that time a husband (Matt. 1:16, 20; Luke 2:5). A recently married man was exempt from going to war for “one year” (Deut. 20:7; 24:5). See: What does it mean to be a godly husband? – GotQuestions.org

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