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King James Onlyism – A movement that teaches (erroneously) that the King James Version of the Bible is itself inerrant and the only true Word of God in the English language; also called King James Onlyism.  James White: What’s the Big Deal with King James Onlyism (series of YouTube videos), Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

From Fred’s Bible Talk

The Six Arguments used to Defend the KJV as the Only Infallible Bible
Confessions of a King James Only Advocate
Do you use the KJV Bible?
Is the King James a bad translation?
What does it mean to believe the Bible literally?
Is the Word of God only perfect in the originals?
I am impressed with your series of lectures on KJV Onlyism.
Do you believe that there are contradictions among the translations?
Isn’t it true that all modern Bible versions are translated from biblical manuscripts corrupted by heretics?
I do not believe anyone has shown me an error in my King James Bible and I don’t believe you can show me one either.

Kingdom of God – What Is the Kingdom of God?




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