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Last AdamSee: 1.) 1 Corinthians 15:45 2.) Theopedia 3.) Blue Letter Bible

Last judgment – See: 1.) Revelation 20:11-15 2.) Theopedia 

Legalism – See: 1.) GotQuestion.org 2.) Galatians 3:1-6

Libertarian free will – This matter is hotly contest among believers!  See: 1.) Rebecca Writes 2.) Theopedia 3.) IEP

Limited atonement – Great set of resources here

Literary genres of the Bible – List of literary genres found frequently in the Bible, followed by examples of each, taken from 40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible  by Robert Plummer  1.) Historical Narrative — Genesis, Mark 2.) Geneology — 1 Chronicles 1-9, Matthew 1:1-17 3.) Exaggeration/Hyperbole — Matthew 5:29-30, 23-24 4.) Prophecy — Isaiah; Malachi 5.) Poetry — Joel, Amos (also prophecy) 6.) Covenant — Genesis 17:1-4; Joshua 24:1-28 7.) Proverbs/Wisdom Literature — Proverbs, Job 8.) Psalms and Songs — Exodus 15:1-18; Psalms 9.) Letters — 1 Corinthians; 2 Peter 10.) Apocalypse —Daniel, Revelation

Liturgy – An established or customary pattern for a public religious service. It may include prescribed content for readings and prayers, and/or designated times for hymns, responsive readings, scripture readings, prayers, the Lord’s Supper, and teaching, etc.

London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 – See: Theopedia

Lord’s Day  [N] only once, in Revelation 1:10 , was in the early Christian ages used to denote the first day of the week, which commemorated the Lord’s resurrection. There is every reason to conclude that John thus used the name. (See SABBATH .) [source: Easton’s]

Lord’s Prayer – [N] the name given to the only form of prayer Christ taught his disciples ( Matthew 6:9-13 ). The closing doxology of the prayer is omitted by ( Luke 11:2-4 ), also in the RSV ofMatthew 6:13 . This prayer contains no allusion to the atonement of Christ, nor to the offices of the Holy Spirit. “All Christian prayer is based on the Lord’s Prayer, but its spirit is also guided by that of His prayer in Gethsemane and of the prayer recorded John 17 . The Lord’s Prayer is the comprehensive type of the simplest and most universal prayer.” [source: Easton’s]

Lord’s Supper – One of the two sacraments (or ordinances) that Jesus commanded his church to observe; a ceremonial meal instituted by Christ to commemorate his death on the cross and celebrate “the new covenant relationship with God through Christ’s death”; also called Communion, the Eucharist.  See: Luke 22:17-20

Lordship salvation – [Controversial] The doctrinal stance that saving faith includes not only trust in Christ as Savior but also repentance (defined as a change of heart that results in turning from sin) and commitment to Christ as Lord, and that saving faith always produces a changed life.  See: 1.) WikiLink 2.) Pretty informative treatment at Theopedia

Love (as an attribute of God) – See: 1 John 4:8-10

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