My Journey To Apologetics

0531141448~2It’s almost as if we are born with an innate curiosity about human origin, the meaning of life, and the afterlife. For example, what child doesn’t want to know where babies come from or, where we go when we die? In that regard, I was no different from any other kid; wanting to know where babies came from, I refused to accept vague, nebulous answers from embarrassed adults. Yes, I was obnoxiously inquisitive and asked questions endlessly.

By age 5, I was no longer happy peppering adults with questions about babies. I wanted to know where the Universe came from. I was told that God created it but no one could tell me how or why. Once, I tired of dissatisfying and conflicting answers from adults, my questions led me to books; I read so many books. My discovery of God’s word, however. was a profound turning point in my pursuit of knowledge. Nothing I’ve ever read has so captivated my heart and mind as the Bible.

By age 21, Father God had directed my search to a knowledge of Himself. Of all the reading I had done throughout my formative years, nothing stuck me as being so totally truthful as the Holy Bible. I gave my heart to Jesus that year, made my public profession of faith in Him as Lord and Savior, and was baptized. Soon after, I became intensely interested in deeper Biblical study and determining how the findings of science and believe in God could be reconciled.

Around age 30, I became involved in discussion groups through a local bulletin board system (BBS). That’s right, I’m an old guy and didn’t grow up with the Internet. What initially delighted me about these discussion groups was the fact that quasi-anonymity encouraged the users to be very outspoken about their beliefs. And by outspoken, I mean loud, proud, and opinionated. Being quite opinionated myself, I was more than happy to engage those with whom I disagreed.

These debates were fun for a time, but I soon came to realize the futility of frivolous, contentious argumentation. God showed me that, if I were going to be contentious, then I ought to contend for the Faith. I am an Apologist because I am an ardent truth seeker who found something worth sharing, the Gospel.

To sum it all up, my interest in Apologetics was fostered by my love for God and my thirst for knowledge. There are many ways to preach the Gospel, and we are each called to do so in a particular way. For me personally, I am called to reach those who disbelieve and misbelieve by pointing them toward the knowledge of God’s truths and the Gospel of Christ and Him crucified.

In Christ,
C. David Ragland, Jr.

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