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Burning Candle

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 A Prayer For The Sick

(an inspiring short prayer for someone to pray for a friend or family member who is sick or in ill health)

Your love is as wide as the oceans
As deep as the sea
And as tall as the heavens.
May your spirit rise like a mighty wave and come and restore those who are ill.

You are the water of life,
You are a fresh spring,
You are healing rain
To all those who are in need.
Come Lord!


burning candlePlease say a prayer for all those below:   

Prayers For The Loss Of A Child

Lord God,

From whom human sadness is never hidden,you know the burden of grief that Denise Schatt and her family feel at the loss of Jacob Machovsky. As they mourn his passing from this life, comfort them with the knowledge that Jacob now lives in your loving embrace.We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Denise Schatt – It is with much sadness that we announce the loss of Denise Schatt’s son, Jacob, who committed suicide January 12th, 2016. We lift up our hands to the Lord and pray for Jacob, and pray for God’s grace, peace, and comfort for the Schatt family during this time of grief.

Matthew 5:4 – Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

 burning candlePlease say a prayer for all those below:   

A Prayer For The Sick and for those who have passed


Kim Vega and her husband GregGreg is now recovering from surgery and Kim is due to go in for Surgery in March – Please pray for recovery and healing. – Greg is doing well, he is having a little discomfort but overall the surgery was a success.  

Kim Vega – Kim’s mother passed away today on this date January 5th, 2016 at 12:10pm … ….beloved mother, grandmother & great-grandmother. You have found your passage home to be with your mom, husband and son Douglas. We wish you eternal light. You will never be gone for you are alive in all your family’s hearts. You will be missed …but never forgotten..  R.I.P. Lorraine A Gravagna.

Don Suleski His brother is spiritually under attack but is also being treated for a collapsed lung.  Please pray for healing.  Don’s brother is doing better but we still need to pray for his soul.  

Carrie Anderson – Carrie request we continue to pray for a friend who is deciding whether to have an abortion.  Our prayers have help – She was overtaken by the outpouring of love and compassion and has decided to hold off on her decision for now and is seeking help from a reproductive psychiatrist. Please continue to pray.”

Nan Marinelli – Requests a prayer for her friend’s  Jacie’s daughter: 

Prayers needed! Alexis has been sick since last Sunday night. Last week she had a fever that was pretty high and tested negative for the flu and strep. Dr. assumed that it was just a virus and to treat the symptoms. It has now evolved into a very congested cough and the fever kept going away and coming back. These things always seem to happen over a holiday. Anyway, we went back to her doctor yesterday for a recheck because the cough is getting worse and it had been so long that she had been sick. She was prescribed a three-day dose of Azithromycin and immediately (TMI) threw up the meds the second they touched her mouth. She took some this morning (hidden in a TON of over sweetened cinnamon applesauce) and about 45 minutes later got really dizzy and almost passed out while trying to take a shower (either a side effect from the meds or a result of her middle ear infection that was diagnosed yesterday). Last night she broke down crying because most of her Christmas break has been spent in quarantine without being able to play with her friends. I just got off the phone with a nurse at her doctor’s office and they are prescribing a different antibiotic. PLEASE pray for my baby girl that she feels better soon! She has never been sick like this for this long and doesn’t seem to be improving but has only gotten worse frown emoticon — Please pray with us that God restores the health of Jacie’s daughter.

Shae Redmond –  Please pray for Mrs. Redmond that her family finds faith and the answers she so wants to hear will be coming and she will see how much God loves her and her family.  As requested — I need prayer that my wonderful faithful husband and children have a real in your face Holy Spirit experiences that brings them to Jesus. It seems if they can’t see it feel it, it doesn’t exist. I pray HARD every Day and cry out to Jesus as he has work for me to do and I can’t do it alone….I need my husband who has served the public and his country all his life selflessly to see God for real. I know it’s a lot to ask …but….I did and it was intense…..God had to break me to make me….I got testimoney…..he saw and knows too, but he still has not given HIS life to Jesus. Thank you so much. I will pray God blesses your ministry !!!!

Hunter – We pray for Hunter that testing for Leukemia will produce negative results and that the doctors will be able to discover his ailment and treat him successfully.  


Prayer Guide by Samartian’s Purse. http://salemnet.vo.llnwd.net/o29/promotions/SamaritansPurse/advent.pdf

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